How to elaborate the delicious Coca de Sant Joan

09 JUN 2017


500 g of flour

200gr of milk

100 g of sugar

120 g of butter

1 egg

60 g of pressed yeast

10 g of salt

Lemon zest

Orange zest



100 g of candied fruit

50 g of pine nuts

1 egg

25 g of sugar



Dilute the yeast in the warm milk, add a little flour, mix and let stand.

Mix the flour with the salt, the sugar, the zest, the anise, the egg and the milk. Incorporate the milk and mix the ingredients.

Add the yeast mixture and knead the mass.

Stretch it a bit and add pieces of butter. Bend and stretch the dough several times to mix it well. Let stand the dough about 15 min.

Stretch the dough and cover it with a cloth. Let stand about an hour.

Paint it with beaten egg and add the candied fruit, pine nuts and sugar. Introduce the coca in the oven for about 15-20 min at 180 ° and let it cool.