Keys for a good barbecue

23 JUN 2017

On holidays and with this good weather, there is no who can resist to culinary celebration par excellence of the summer: the barbecue.

But it’s not enough buy meat and coal and assume that everything will go perfect. It’s important to consider many other factors before cooking: flavoured coals, prepare the fire, pick a good cut of meat, have the hot grill, prepare sauces and don't salt until the end...

First, it’s important to have good ingredients to prepare, always looking for the best quality and freshness. In addition, it’s essential to have the proper utensils to prepare it.

The meat is the star in a barbecue and in direct contact with the grill and smoke of wood or coal, it acquires a taste and smell irresistible. It’s highly recommended to have different types of meats for our BBQ and enjoy the different flavours and textures.

We must choose a good meat, either lamb chops, slices of rib of beef, sausages... The best cuts of meat are those who come from the loin. The best-known, sirloin and t-bone steak. The lower part of the spine consisting of the skirt and the ribs are also a good choice.

The basic rules for meat are:

Remove out the refrigerator 2 to 3 hours before.

Make sure that the grill is very hot before putting the meat.

Put the large pieces far from the hot coals to make them.

Use coarse salt and add it in the second round or just before remove the meat from the grill.

Don’t prick foods such as sausage, black pudding... If you do it, it can lose their juice.

On the other hand, the fish and seafood are a good alternative to add variety as well as offer us a wide assortment to choose from: sardines, tuna, salmon, monkfish... crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, prawns... molluscs such as mussels, clams... and cephalopods as cuttlefish and squid.

In addition, it’s important to accompany the meat with a garnish of vegetables such as zucchini, pepper, eggplant, onion, leeks...

The secret of a perfect barbecue are the embers. The ideal time to start cooking is when the flames has been extinguished and the coal has its characteristic reddish tone. Only then we should start with the first batch.

It’s also important to consider one basic rule, and this is that you must know the cooking time of the ingredients: is not the same some sausages, some chicken wings or peppers. But, in addition, we must learn to control the embers.

And finally, the accompaniments. A good barbecue must be accompanied not only with a delicious garnish, but also a few snacks and a good wine or beer.