Porcella rostida

04 AGO 2017


1 suckling pig

3 k of small potato

5 or 6 lemons

Salt, black pepper, olive oil


1 splash of whisky or brandy



The day before baking it’s necessary to marinate. Place the piece with the skin face down and marinate with lemons, pepper, salt and liquor. Incoporate the butter (on top of the piece). Keep the piece in the fridge

Fry a few minutes the potatoes and set aside. Give back to the porcella (with the skin side up) and bake for an hour and a half approximately. The oven should be hot.

When the skin starts to brown, add the potato and leave about half an hour with the grill function.

In the book "Ses cuineres de Binissalem" by Miquel Ángel Barrios, they recommend that in this last step, we irrigate the skin of the porcella with a beer. dish.