Foodpairing, the art of combining different food

11 OCT 2017

Have you ever thought you ever combine dark chocolate with cheese? And apples with ketchup? These combinations are possible thanks to Food Pairing.

This is a technique of pairing based in the molecularly analyze of the aromas that an ingredient is made up to see what other ingredients, food or drink combines better.

This practice emerged in 2007 with the Belgian scientist Bernard Lahousse. Its operation is based on an analysis of the food aromas, and thanks to its components, to find all possible combinations. For example, he explains it in the following way: "If in a food as olive oil are present aromas of banana or tomato and caviar or the white chocolate are present some of these same aromas, then you can pair the olive oil with the white chocolate and the caviar".

Smell is the sense that we use to appreciate food, since the different flavors are perceived through the nose. For that reason, it seems reasonable that molecular decomposition of the food aromas can have this utility to combine foods properly.

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