Mandarin: healthy fall fruit

27 OCT 2017

During the autumn season, one of the most important fruits are mandarins, which have lots of properties and benefits for our body. For example, being rich in vitamin C, it becomes the best option against colds.

But not only have these properties:

Improve the skin and hair thanks to vitamin C.

Improve the cognitive functioning, have folic acid, potassium and various antioxidants, known for its neurological benefits. Potassium increases the flow of blood that goes to the brain and improves neuronal activity, concentration and cognitive faculties. Folic acid reduces the risk of cognitive impairment and alzheimer's.

The vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and fiber, improve cardiovascular health.

Improve the health of the digestive tract because of contains lots of fiber.

They help to maintain a healthy blood pressure; they are full of potassium, low sodium and helps the immune system.

They will help replace fluids when we have practiced sport.