Fava parada recipe

10 NOV 2017


Pork jowl, ear and pig's trotters

Pork ribs

A pinch of sobrasada

A pinch of botifarrón

Thick noodles

1/2 kg of peeled dry beans

1 leek

1 tomato


Salt and pepper




Soak the beans for approximately 3 hours.

Cook the meat with tomato and leek, salt, pepper and a leaf of laurel for approximately 1 hour and half in normal pot or 45 minutes in pressure cooker. Once cooked, strain the broth and set aside.

Cook the beans with the broth in a pot. Meanwhile, chop the meat into small pieces, and once the beans are cooked, add it to the broth. Incorporate the sobrassada, the botifarrón and the marjoram. Finally, add the noodles and boil 5 minutes. 


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