How to keep your poinsettia throughout the year?

12 ENE 2018

The poinsettia, originally from Mexico, has become another symbol of Christmas because of its striking leaves red, pink or white that form the upper part of the plant, but keep them live beyond 6 January it’s something that very few get. Don't worry, because it’s possible. Just follow these tips:

Verifies that the flower you chose has small yellow spots at the centre of every sprig of red leaves. If the spots don’t appear, maybe your plant is not mature and will die within a few days.

The temperature is important and should be between 16 and 22 degrees. The very strong heating will make your plant to lose leaves. In addition, it’s not a plant that requires watering it too often, just a couple of times a week. The ground has to be slightly wet.

Light is essential because it need a lot. It holds the artificial lighting but be careful because the direct light of the sun harms him.

Sometimes a seemingly dead poinsettia can be saved. Cut two-thirds of the stems always leaving a knot in each of them, apply a healing product, place it in a cool, well-lit place and water it with normality. Perhaps as soon as it starts spring surprise you with a new regrowth of leaves.