Tips for cooking vegetables

25 ABR 2018

Creativity and knowledge That is the recipe to make attractive simple vegetables ... The ideas are endless and the combinations too and that’s why today we give you some tricks with which to enhance your elaborations. And do not forget to come to our market for the best fresh product!

1. Sauces and dairy products are ideal for masking the flavor. The cream of vegetables with cheese, macaroni with vegetables, green beans with egg and ham or steamed broccoli with mayonnaise also helps to it.

2. Puff pastries are a good choice. They allow you to fill them with vegetables and healthy foods, such as leeks, spinach or fish, among others.

3. Salt refresh the tomatoes and improves the taste of sweet dishes.

4. Honey minimizes the bitterness of escarole, common chicory and endives.

5. With some bitter vegetables, like green leaves, or intensely salty, like mushrooms, you should be careful when adding salt.

6. An attractive combination is that of bitter and sweet flavors: bittersweet mint with peas, parsley in salads with sweet sauces, cumin with roasted carrots ...

7. Olive oil is excellent combined with sweet and bitter flavors.

8. Fresh peas, carrots and peppers have sweet flavors, which can be enhanced with honey, syrups or alcohol.

9. Chilli peppers, black pepper or fresh ginger enhance bland foods and soups or stews.

10. Acid flavors such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine, rhubarb, sour cream or yogurt enhance the natural sweetness of vegetables.