Turmeric, a healthy spice

30 JUN 2018

Turmeric is known throughout the world as a colouring agent, but it is actually a spice with interesting medicinal properties. 

The most commonly used part of the plant is that of its rhizomes, i.e. the stem that extends underground before the fine roots begin to appear. These are pulverized until the powdered turmeric is obtained, although it can also be eaten grated, providing more flavor and intensity of color. In its powder form it's the ingredient that gives curry its characteristic colour and part of its flavour. In fact, it's one of the great substitutes for saffron in traditional stews.

As a healthy food, its use is well considered in the texts of Ayurvedic medicine, typical of India, although it also appears in other nearby texts, such as China.

As it is a food with hepatoprotective and antioxidant capacity, this spice is widely used to protect the liver. In fact, it can help to remove stones from the gallbladder and produces an anti-inflammatory effect. It's also very digestive, especially when it comes to fat processing.