Llampuga with peppers

30 AGO 2019

Ingredients (4 pers)



Red peppers

6 large tomatoes

1 head of garlic





Olive oil

Peel and cut the potatoes into slices. Next, we add salt to the potatoes and mix them. We fry them in plenty of oil. When the potatoes are fried we reserve them in a clay pot (greixonera).

We clean and slice the llampuga. Salpimentamos and flour the slices. In a pan with plenty of oil we fry the llampuga pieces.

As the llampuga pieces are fried, we place them in the clay pot, on the potatoes that we have fried before.

Then we put the unpeeled garlic and the red peppers cut into strips in the pan. Add salt and pepper.

When the garlic and peppers are ready, we remove them from the pan and place them in the clay pot, over the llampuga.

We scald the tomatoes to be able to remove the skin easily. We cut them into taquitos and put them in the same pan with the oil that we previously fried the llampuga and peppers.

We add several bay leaves and a little salt. Let reduce the tomato for 30 minutes. Optionally you can add half a teaspoon of sugar to eliminate the acidity of the tomato.

Finally we put the tomato in the clay pot, completely covering the fish and peppers.