We are a quality market

It’s not just the sheer quality of food that makes Santa Catalina Market special – it’s also about the people and the place, located in the cosmopolitan Palma neighborhood, which shares the same name. People refer more and more to Santa Catalina as the Soho of Palma, a fashionable mix of cultures from Mallorcan ladies wheeling their trolleys as they go about their daily shop beside Swedish women decked out in the latest fashion. Shop fronts are renovated, bars and restaurants sprout up while the traditional businesses disappear. The covered market brings together some 50 of the best small, local artisan food producers, sellers and experts in their particular field, offering a shopping experience open Monday to Saturday from 7am till 5pm.

Freshly-caught fish and seafood, top quality meat from local producers, prepared foods, hams & sausages, including Sobrassada, the island’s best-known cured meat, cheeses, local and seasonal vegetables and fruit, flowers, plants, pickled foods and olives, wine, tapas bars as well as bakery and pastry products, including the curly ensaimada, rectangular quartos or traditional cakes like those made in the local convents.

And while Santa Catalina Market has always been geared towards the tradition of buying fresh, top quality seasonal food on a daily basis, it has become a vast repository of culinary knowledge and understanding - a place to explore, to ask questions, to discover new flavors and to savor a unique atmosphere. A haven for anyone who cares about the quality and provenance of the food they eat: chefs, restaurateurs, passionate amateur cooks or people who just happen to love eating and drinking whether they be locals, foreign residents or visitors to the island from around the world.

Food has become a cultural phenomenon. Without traditional food markets, cities and their population lose part of their culture and identity. Santa Catalina Market now offers more services, a wider timetable as well as home and yacht delivery services.

How they feel about us

Productos muy frescos, de temporada y de calidad, hay varios locales en el interior donde puedes degustar la cocina fresca de temporada al mejor precio

Maria Sureda

Una amplia variedad de productos de primera calidad dificiles de encontrar en otros establecimeintos, todo aderezado con un trato calido y personal.

Joan Ginart

Para nuestro restaurante no escatimamos en calidad y en el mercat de Santa Catalina encontramos productos frescos y con garantía

Alfonso diaz
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