Lava de Cumbre Vieja by Christian Escribà

18 SEP 2022

Lava solidaria | Primer aniversario de la erupción del volcán de La Palma ..

Easter 2022

09 APR 2022


Christmas 2021 Schedule

01 DEC 2021


All Saints´ Day

21 OCT 2021

On All Saints Day the market will be closed. ..

11 JUN 2021


30 APR 2021


15 APR 2021


31 MAR 2021


30 MAR 2021


30 MAR 2021


Canal4 interviews Aina Moyà, president of the Federation of Permanent Markets

19 FEB 2021

Canal4 interviews Aina Moyà, president of the Mercat de Santa Catalina. Here you have ..

The Confederation of Traditional Food Markets of Spain is born

24 NOV 2020

The Confederation of Traditional Food Markets of Spain is born, in order to preserve and defend the identity of all ..

Pomegranate benefits

07 OCT 2020

The pomegranate fruit has innumerable health benefits and its implication in curing diseases has been widely ..

The Santa Catalina neighborhood becomes mural ..

29 SEP 2020

https://www.diari ..

Octopus with onion

12 SEP 2020

INGREDIENTS (4 people) 1 medium-sized octopus already cooked 5 large onions 2 ramellet ..

Products of June

01 JUN 2020

This month the summer starts and the greengrocers are full of sweet and rich fruit that will last us all the ..

Products of May

04 MAY 2020

May is a month in which spring is at its best, a time when our tables are filled with a wide variety of colors, ..

Cod, star of Lent and Easter

01 APR 2020

After Carnival, Lent arrives, it is a good time to pay tribute to one of the most representative ingredients of ..

Products of April

01 APR 2020

Spring has started and the change in the calendar is reflected more and more visibly in the garden. Winter fruits ..

Opening Times

17 MAR 2020

We remain open following the appropriate measures to avoid all kinds of risks. From 17 Mar 20, our hours ..

Products of March

02 MAR 2020

March comes with changes, the garden is approaching spring and we begin to say goodbye to winter products. ..

Nutritional talk

02 MAR 2020

Next Saturday 07.Mar.20 we invite you to the nutritional talk by Carlos de Vera, who will help us break stereotypes ..

Protest against changes in mobility

27 FEB 2020

The Santa Catalina Market, together with the Municipal Markets of Palma, adheres to the protest against the changes ..

Heritage and gastronomie in Santa Catalina

03 FEB 2020

ARCA and Diana Ferreira will offer next February an itinerary through the historic sweep of Santa Catalina, to learn ..

Products of February

03 FEB 2020

We enter February, the coldest month of the year supposedly. We start with fruits, as we know winter is not the best ..

Sirloin with sauce of mushrooms and capers

18 DEC 2019

Ingredients (4 pers) Beef sirloin (1 kg) Mushrooms (500 gr) Butter (50 gr) Flour (20 ..

Christmas 2020 Schedule

28 NOV 2019


Lobster Caldereta

27 NOV 2019

Ingredients (4 pers) 2 lobsters Almonds Garlic Bread Olive oil Cognac or ..

José Hila inaugurates our nativity scene

25 NOV 2019

Today, and on the occasion of the Santa Caterina festival, Palma Mayor, José Hila, has visited our market and ..

Beet hummus with goat cheese

29 OCT 2019

Ingredients (4 pers) Beet (1 pc.) Chickpeas (100 gr.) Lemon (medium juice) ..

Pumpkin vegetarian burger

22 OCT 2019

Ingredients (4 pers) Pumpkin (400 gr.) Oatmeal (300 gr.) Tomatoes (2 pcs.) ..

Saturday 12th the market will remain opened

30 SEP 2019

We would like to inform you that Mercat de Santa Catalina will remain opened on saturday 12th, on its usual schedule ..

Coexistence Agreement in Santa Catalina

19 SEP 2019

Neighbors, restaurateurs and the #MercatSantaCatalina sign a coexistence pact to respect the rest of the ..

Quinoa stuffed eggplants

26 JUL 2019

Ingredients (4 pers) Eggplant (4 pcs.) Quinoa (160 gr.) Red pepper (2 pcs.) ..

Traditional Ratatouille

05 JUL 2019

Ingredientes (4 pers) Berenjena (1 ud.) Calabacín (1 ud.) Cebolla (1 ud.) ..

Pie of tuna, squid and piquillo

13 MAY 2019

Ingredients ..

Easter 2019 Schedule

04 APR 2019

Mercat de Santa Catalina will be closed on Friday 19th, Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd. On Thursday 18th and Saturday ..

Purchase coupon winners 2019

17 JAN 2019

These are the purchase coupons winners 2019, drawn on January 15th. Congratulations to everyone! ..

Charcutería Izquierdo and A Granel at Fred i Calent

04 DEC 2018

Charcutería Izquierdo and A Granel at the IB3's show Fred i Calent in his special of olives and oils. ..

Market Lives

19 NOV 2018

Some of our traders has been recognized from Ajuntament de Palma for its antiquity and for keeping the trade ..

Do you know the black garlic?

27 JUL 2018

Black garlic is obtained from the thermal processing of fresh garlic, which is kept at a temperature of between 60 ..

Little octopus with onion

20 JUL 2018

Ingredients: 1 kg of little octopus 4 large onions 2 garlic 1 medium ..

Eggs sets

30 JUN 2018

Ingredients: 6 eggs 1 medium onion 3 ramellet tomatoes 1 garlic ..

Turmeric, a healthy spice

30 JUN 2018

Turmeric is known throughout the world as a colouring agent, but it is actually a spice with interesting medicinal ..

Ginger and its benefits

27 APR 2018

Beyond its culinary uses, ginger has become popular throughout the world for its many medicinal properties. In ..

Foods rich in healthy fats

26 APR 2018

Fats have various functions in our body, including protecting the organs and the body from injury and shock and ..

Dirty squids

25 APR 2018

Ingredients: 1 kilo of fresh calamari with skin and without cleaning 2 butifarrones cut in ..

Tips for cooking vegetables

25 APR 2018

Creativity and knowledge That is the recipe to make attractive simple vegetables ... The ideas are endless and the ..

Coca with vegetables and chanterelles

25 APR 2018

Ingredients: For the pasta: 100 g of olive oil 130 g of beer 380 g of ..

Properties and benefits of mango

24 APR 2018

Thanks to its sweet flavour and creamy texture, mango has become one of the most consumed fruits in the world. In ..

Prepare vegan patés with nuts and seeds

24 APR 2018

If there is something that is taking impact in the world, it is vegan cuisine. And not only because many people ..

Advantages of the consume of fruits and vegetables every day

24 APR 2018

1. Rejuvenate Consuming vegetables and fruits is the best way to obtain antioxidants, which help us to ..

Pork cheeks with wine sauce

20 APR 2018

Ingredients: 4 pork cheeks 1 onion 1 bunch of leeks 4 carrots ..

Sonrisa Médica visita el Mercat de Santa Catalina

11 APR 2018

La semana pasada, nuestro mercado recibió una visita muy especial y con fines solidarios por parte del payaso ..

Fideus de roter

28 MAR 2018

Ingredients: 300 g of noodles 1 onion 2 tomatoes 4 potatoes 200 g ..

Eastern 2018

27 MAR 2018


Seeds: a great source of nutrients

23 MAR 2018

Quinoa, Sesame, poppy, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax...  Although each is characterized by its benefits, all ..

Eggplant stuffed with cod, spinach and prawns

16 MAR 2018

Ingredients: 4 eggplants Fresh spinach 200 g desalted and shredded cod 2 ..

Beneficios de la remolacha roja

09 MAR 2018

La remolacha roja es un alimento especialmente rico en vitamina C, con gran contenido de antioxidantes y fibra. ..

Coca de brossat

28 FEB 2018

Ingredients: For the dough: 100 g butter 200 g of flour 1 egg A ..

Superfoods: the nuts

16 FEB 2018

Increasingly, the properties of nuts are spreading among fans to healthy food, especially that of the hard nuts like ..

Pig trotters - recipe from Mallorca

09 FEB 2018

Ingredients: 8 pork trotters sliced in several pieces 1 onion 1 tomato 1/2 ..

Winners of purchase vouchers 2018

18 JAN 2018


How to keep your poinsettia throughout the year?

12 JAN 2018

The poinsettia, originally from Mexico, has become another symbol of Christmas because of its striking leaves red, ..

Espinagada de llom

29 DEC 2017

Ingredients for 2 pie: 1 kg of flour 1 cup of olive oil 2 glasses of water A ..

Healthy food for the heart

15 DEC 2017

Have a balanced diet and know what are the benefits of food is very important for our health. In this way, we can ..

Traditional recipe from Mallorca: Almond cake

08 DEC 2017

Ingredients: 4 large eggs 200 g of sugar 200 g of almond flour   ..

Benefits of whole grains

01 DEC 2017

Whole grains are cereal grains unrefined, i.e. grain with its three parts, and it’s one of the essential ..

Persimmon benefits

17 NOV 2017

Persimmon is a delicious sweet autumn fruit with a high water content which makes it ideal to purify our body. ..

Season recipe: Colflori ofegada (stew of cauliflower)

03 NOV 2017

Ingredients: 1 cauliflower 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 ramellet tomato ..

Convocatoria presentación del festival FOLK YOU! 2017

31 OCT 2017

Este jueves día 2 de noviembre a las 12h, en el espacio central del Mercado Municipal de Santa Catalina, ..

Mandarin: healthy fall fruit

27 OCT 2017

During the autumn season, one of the most important fruits are mandarins, which have lots of properties and benefits ..

Snails, traditional recipe from Mallorca

20 OCT 2017

Ingredients: 2 kb of snails A bunch of herbs (fennel, mint, celery, oregano, laurel and lemon ..

Foodpairing, the art of combining different food

11 OCT 2017

Have you ever thought you ever combine dark chocolate with cheese? And apples with ketchup? These combinations are ..

Season recipe: Rarors with mushrooms

06 OCT 2017

Ingredients: Raors (shaped and clean) Oil Potatoes Ramallet tomato ..

¿Conoces bien las setas de otoño?

29 SEP 2017

El otoño es la época en la que más variedades de setas podremos encontrar: desde rebozuelos, ..

Another year, the Mercat de Santa Catalina collaborates with the Santa Catalina Atco.

18 SEP 2017

Another year, our market collaborates with Santa Catalina Atco. a team with force and future that are sure to come ..

Chicken escaldums

15 SEP 2017

Ingredients: 1 chicken, cut into pieces Flour 1 large onion 1 head of ..

Properties of figs

23 AUG 2017

The fig is one of the fruits richer in nutrients and health benefits, although it stands out mainly for its ..

Graixonera or ensaimada puding

22 AUG 2017

Ingredients: 1 litre of milk Lemon zest Cinnamon powder Liquid caramel ..

Different vinegar types and their uses

18 AUG 2017

Vinegar is an indispensable in any kitchen and has a rather curious history. It’s obtained from the ..

Porcella rostida

04 AUG 2017

Ingredientes: 1 suckling pig 3 k of small potato 5 or 6 lemons Salt, black ..

Presentation of the scottish band LAU

28 JUL 2017

Yesterday morning the Mercat de Santa Catalina was honored to be chosen by the scots LAU in the presentation of ..

Summer recipe: rice with calamari, clams and prawns

21 JUL 2017

Do you love rice? Well, you cannot stop to prepare this incredible recipe from! ..

Typical majorcan meatballs recipe

30 JUN 2017

Today, an awesome recipe typical from Mallorca explained by Maria Gilbert.  ..

Keys for a good barbecue

23 JUN 2017

On holidays and with this good weather, there is no who can resist to culinary celebration par excellence of the ..

Foods that make you happy

16 JUN 2017

Some foods stimulate the production of brain substances that affect our mood, the functioning of our body and in our ..

How to elaborate the delicious Coca de Sant Joan

09 JUN 2017

Ingredients: 500 g of flour 200gr of milk 100 g of sugar 120 g of butter ..

02 JUN 2017


Closing ceremony of the educational program Escola al Mercat

19 MAY 2017

The las friday was held the closing ceremony of the educational program Escola al Mercat that more than 1180 ..

Benefits of main dried fruit

13 MAY 2017

Nuts in general have high caloric density because in low-volume can concentrate calories, and at the same time, have ..

Season recipe: Faves tendres ofegades

05 MAY 2017

Ingredients: 1 kg of shelled tender broad beans 200 g of lean Bacon 1 pinch of ..

Do you know the quantity of sugar hidden in the food?

28 APR 2017

A few months ago, the website has published by the hand of the photographer Antonio R. Estrada, a ..


14 APR 2017

Ingredients: 100 g of butter 100 g of sugar 1 egg yolk, 80 g of orange ..

New Collection of Artificial Flowers in Floristería Miquel Capellà

12 APR 2017

Floristería Miquel Capellà wants to invite you to its Show room opening. An exposition of the ..

Eastern schedules 2017

12 APR 2017

Here are the schedules of Easter! And remember that both the Thursday and Saturday our market will remain ..

What is the best oil for cooking?

07 APR 2017

Many times we have raised what different is the best oil for cooking. When we talk about cooking, it is ..

Lamb and squash pies

31 MAR 2017

Ingredients: 1/2 kg of lamb meat 200 g of “cabello de angel” 1 kg of ..

Essential knives for cutting at home

24 MAR 2017

Have you ever carved a chicken or filleting a fish at home? If you want to be real experts, today we bring you some ..

Foods that make you feel awake and attentive during the day

17 MAR 2017

Start your day early can be hard, and more if it’s a Monday and you must go to work... For this reason, many ..

Season recipe: Cocarrois with cabbage, cauliflower and artichokes

10 MAR 2017

Ingredients:   For the dough: 500 g of flour 60 g of lard 40 ..

Season recipe: Rise with artichokes and sobrasada

25 FEB 2017

Ingredients: 4 artichokes 200 gr. of sobrasada 3 cups of rice 6 small cups ..

Foods to avoid the high cholesterol

17 FEB 2017

High cholesterol is one of the most widespread diseases today and a big problem in our society since it’s one ..

Season recipe: Mallorcan soup

11 FEB 2017

Ingredients: 9-10 cabbage leaves 4 or 5 scallions 5 artichokes ½ ..

Food ideals to prevent the cold

04 FEB 2017

With the last weeks of rain and cold weather, it’s normal that we have colds, and some foods can be our allies ..

How to prepare a delicious vermouth

27 JAN 2017

We love the Vermouth and even more after a long day or work week. And if we accompany it with some good fries, ..

20 JAN 2017


Season recipe: seafood mussels

13 JAN 2017

2 kg of fresh mussels 1 onion 1 garlic clove 2 “ramallet” tomatoes ..

Detox juices recipes

06 JAN 2017

Juice detox of strawberries, watermelon, lime and ginger 1 slice of watermelon 1 piece of ..

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