Heritage and gastronomie in Santa Catalina

03 FEB 2020

ARCA and Diana Ferreira will offer next February an itinerary through the historic sweep of Santa Catalina, to learn more about the historical heritage it presents. The visit will be completed with a gastronomic demonstration of traditional dishes of Mallorcan cuisine, which took place in the Santa Catalina market.

Heritage and gastronomy are two examples of the cultural tradition of Mallorca and that ARCA through cultural routes wants to promote, to publicize the citizens of Mallorca.

Historical and cultural itinerary for Santa Catalina

The historical itinerary will be directed by Xavier Terrasa and will have the following points of visit:

1. Montepío de Arrabal de Santa Catalina Forecast. C / Factory. Example of associative movement, founded 1894.

2. Can Palmer. C / Quetglas, 5. Example of popular Modernism of 1910.

3. Church of the Immaculate Conception. Built in 1910. C / Sant Magí.

4. Mar y Tierra Theater. Built in 1898. C / Sant Magí.

5. It's Jonquet. Traditional sailor neighborhood with flour mills set.

6. Municipal Rentadors. Public infrastructure of the late nineteenth century. Av. Argentina.

7. Cuba Hostel. Colonial building of 1904. Av. Argentina with C / Sant Magí.

8. Central Building. Modernist building of 1908. C / Sant Magí.

9. Can Pujol. Modernist building of 1903. C / Pozo, 24.

Gastronomic tasting at the Santa Catalina market

The gastronomic tasting will be carried out by Diana Ferreira:

The idea of ​​this activity is to disseminate the recipe book of the Balearic Islands, retrieve recipes, and in accordance with the route organized by ARCA. The recipe of the dishes chosen for this project are the following:


Ponxe "King Don Jaime"

Historical fact: it is a drink of the eighteenth century, possibly an invention of the kitchen of the aristocracy.

Source: "Tapas y Pinchos" by Javier Soriano


Quail eggs in budellets. (Inspired by a recipe from the late 19th century).

Source: "Our kitchen" by Lluís Ripoll.


Artichoke fritters. (A recipe, of which Archduke Luis Salvador speaks, as explained by Sebastià Trias Mercante in a book dedicated to him).

Source: "The cuisine of Mallorca" recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine of Jaume Fàbrega


"White Food."

The "white delicacy" was, in the past, the typical dish of the Balearic Islands in general, on the occasion of the popular festivals and especially the so-called "street parties". In Palma this dish could not be missing where the families of the neighborhood presented their known friendships.

Source: "Sa cocina de Toby Molenaar", traditional Mallorcan cuisine

ARCA will organize more proposals next February:

- Saturday, February 15 at 10'00h Sergio García will direct the tour of Santa Catalina in English.

- Saturday, February 22 at 10'00h Xavier Terrasa will direct the tour of Santa Catalina in Italian.

- Saturday, February 29 at 10 am Cecilia De Grazia will direct the tour of Santa Catalina in Catalan.

These itineraries will end with a gastronomic tasting at the Santa Catalina market by the cook Diana Ferreira.

Information and registration at: arcainforma@arcapatrimoni.net