NEWS & EVENTS - Seasonal products

Pomegranate benefits

07 OCT 2020

The pomegranate fruit has innumerable health benefits and its implication in curing diseases has been widely ..

Products of June

01 JUN 2020

This month the summer starts and the greengrocers are full of sweet and rich fruit that will last us all the ..

Products of May

04 MAY 2020

May is a month in which spring is at its best, a time when our tables are filled with a wide variety of colors, ..

Products of April

01 APR 2020

Spring has started and the change in the calendar is reflected more and more visibly in the garden. Winter fruits ..

Products of March

02 MAR 2020

March comes with changes, the garden is approaching spring and we begin to say goodbye to winter products. ..

Products of February

03 FEB 2020

We enter February, the coldest month of the year supposedly. We start with fruits, as we know winter is not the best ..

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